Welcome to colours of the week

This week’s colours are autumnal and cool – which is ironic as we’re experiencing a heatwave in the south of England this week! However, we don’t design for today, we design for tomorrow … so cool and calm it is!

My natural preference with colours is to choose warm and vibrant colours.  My own brand is shocking pink, my favourite dresses are shocking pink… but the shocking pink wouldn’t shine if it wasn’t placed amongst more muted colours.

And let’s be honest, some businesses are just not suited to bright colours. They may want to project a corporate image, show themselves to be trustworthy and want to stand out for reasons other than colours.  That’s just fine, and that’s what today’s palette is all about.

Colour palette cool nature lake mountains trees

The image I’ve chosen for this week is calming.  I can imagine myself standing on the edge of this lake.  I’ve just walked around it, I’m feeling at peace. There’s a thermos of tea in my hands.  The water is calm.

What would I use this colour theme for?

So this feeling of calm confidence is what we’re using these colours for.  It might be for lawyers, doctors, beauticians, therapists – or even designers.

Also, these are the colours you might find in your home.  They’re perfect colours for interior decor, allowing your art pieces to shine.  These colours will have a calming effect, so definitely considerations for bedrooms and studies.

Have you used similar colour themes to this, and if so, what was the business?